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St. Ronan’s well. Thanks for asking!

  This sign sits at a hairpin bend on the winding road through “The Spur” from Healsville to Narbethong, East of Melboune. In 1980, an old friend of ours, Matt Collopy, joked about the sign as we passed by on … Continue reading

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My car drove off without me!

  Stupidity has me on speed dial. And mornings are not my strong suit. Deprive me of caffeine, and what may start out as a barely functional morning can then trail off very badly. Routinely parking opposite the post office … Continue reading

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The sock mathematician.

Daisy, what is the likelihood of a satellite falling out of the sky and landing on our house? Daisy: “woof..woof!”  [0.0000000000001%]. Good girl. Now, if you have 2 dog biscuits, and you share 1 of them with the dog over … Continue reading

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My dad accidentally cut his arm off!

My dear old dad is 80 and clearly not very good with power tools. Earlier this week he cut his whole arm off with a chainsaw. I might have just made that up. In truth, it was a circular saw. … Continue reading

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Stage Fright

  My apologies in advance if this one is a bit “blokey”… Now that the spring horse racing carnival here in Melbourne is underway, and we gather strength for another fun Derby Day at Flemington racecourse, where the most popular … Continue reading

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When you say the word “country”, always try and finish it.

  There is no word in the English language that demands completion more than the word “country”. This is particularly true when you are giving a lecture to about 300 post graduate marketing students, and you are blessed with a … Continue reading

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