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Remembering not to forget

“Collopy for Toys” didn’t just sell toys. Not so long ago, in the jaws of Melbourne’s historic Camberwell Junction, where 3 main roads intersect and distribute masses of people and cars in 6 different directions, there stood, nestled in amongst … Continue reading

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Changing for gain.

“You are going to have to change your lifestyle, my son!” I understood what I was hearing about embracing change, but as this consulting doctor and I were both middle-aged, and we didn’t look remotely alike, I wasn’t clear on how I … Continue reading

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The round tower

Just so we are clear, I’m neither particularly spiritual, nor overly drawn to mysticism. The supernatural, and beckoning from worlds beyond are, for me, generally restricted to the scriptures of Stephen King. It’s very unlikely that you will find me hunched … Continue reading

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The glue factory.

At a dinner with a bunch of old school mates in 1993, Johnny Fahey, one for controversial statements, boldly made the following announcement. He said, “Ten years from now, none of us will know each other.” The table erupted, we … Continue reading

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The honey chain.

When our daughter Emily was 3 years old (many years ago now), she looked up at me brightly and asked me where honey came from. She was sitting on my knee outside in the back garden and it was the … Continue reading

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