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The yarn.

My clever mother spun me a yarn when I was 14 that, apart from scaring the living wits out of me, thankfully also gave me the incentive to give up smoking. There was a short but opportune window in time … Continue reading

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The tubist.

There are many ways to hide in the midst of a choir during an end of year school concert. Stand at the back, move your mouth in sync with others around you, but be careful not to make any audible … Continue reading

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The dreamer

Some people are eternal dreamers, and spend most of their time visualising how they would ideally like their life to pan out. Some of these people put so much energy into their dreaming that they struggle to find the time … Continue reading

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The wood chopper

The Snowy River snakes its way from the great dividing mountain range down toward the Southern ocean on Victoria’s eastern seaboard and meets the sea at Marlo, a small hamlet nestled on prime viewing land above the wide expanse of … Continue reading

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The world’s best ever backyard cricketer.

Everyone has a moment in the sun. For one young boy, it was for an hour on Xmas day in 2012, when he became the world’s greatest cricketer of all time. Our Xmas day lunches, like many people’s, tend to … Continue reading

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The glue factory.

At a dinner with a bunch of old school mates in 1993, Johnny Fahey, one for controversial statements, boldly made the following announcement. He said, “Ten years from now, none of us will know each other.” The table erupted, we … Continue reading

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The Vibe.

Late last August my uncle Geoff bought 36 cans of Heinz baked beans in ham sauce and stacked them neatly in the laundry cupboard. He didn’t eat a lot of beans as a rule, but they were on sale at … Continue reading

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No bunker faces!

People make all kinds of faces when they play golf. When you address your ball perfectly at the first tee, and visualise your drive rocketing the ball out of sight and in line with the pin, but then you send … Continue reading

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St. Ronan’s well. Thanks for asking!

  This sign sits at a hairpin bend on the winding road through “The Spur” from Healsville to Narbethong, East of Melboune. In 1980, an old friend of ours, Matt Collopy, joked about the sign as we passed by on … Continue reading

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My car drove off without me!

  Stupidity has me on speed dial. And mornings are not my strong suit. Deprive me of caffeine, and what may start out as a barely functional morning can then trail off very badly. Routinely parking opposite the post office … Continue reading

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