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The red locomotive.

One of my earliest ever childhood memories is of a painting of a red locomotive with passenger carriages trailing behind it. It was painted by my Aunt Tricia and gifted to my elder brother. I think he may been five, … Continue reading

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The world’s best ever backyard cricketer.

Everyone has a moment in the sun. For one young boy, it was for an hour on Xmas day in 2012, when he became the world’s greatest cricketer of all time. Our Xmas day lunches, like many people’s, tend to … Continue reading

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The cone of silence.

My friend Robert is deaf, and I have a stutter. And Robert lip reads. Robert speaks normally but if there is any background noise, then My hearing is very poor. We have been close friends for 25 years and during … Continue reading

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Looking for Huntsville.

  Information desks provide information. They had it, and I needed it. “Well hello sir,” came the greeting from the spritely young female behind the counter, “Now, how can I assist you today?” The question came with a searching look, … Continue reading

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The glue factory.

At a dinner with a bunch of old school mates in 1993, Johnny Fahey, one for controversial statements, boldly made the following announcement. He said, “Ten years from now, none of us will know each other.” The table erupted, we … Continue reading

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The Vibe.

Late last August my uncle Geoff bought 36 cans of Heinz baked beans in ham sauce and stacked them neatly in the laundry cupboard. He didn’t eat a lot of beans as a rule, but they were on sale at … Continue reading

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The Jeweller.

At parties in my late teens, I habitually invented unlikely career titles as a conversation ice-breaker when meeting girls. I don’t really know why I did this. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a bit of … Continue reading

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The honey chain.

When our daughter Emily was 3 years old (many years ago now), she looked up at me brightly and asked me where honey came from. She was sitting on my knee outside in the back garden and it was the … Continue reading

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No bunker faces!

People make all kinds of faces when they play golf. When you address your ball perfectly at the first tee, and visualise your drive rocketing the ball out of sight and in line with the pin, but then you send … Continue reading

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St. Ronan’s well. Thanks for asking!

  This sign sits at a hairpin bend on the winding road through “The Spur” from Healsville to Narbethong, East of Melboune. In 1980, an old friend of ours, Matt Collopy, joked about the sign as we passed by on … Continue reading

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