“Rotten Monster” by James Nolan – A short film.

rotten monster screen grab

https://player.vimeo.com/video/141374613“>James Nolan Film “Rotten Monster” 2015

A short film by my son James Nolan submitted for his final year 12 school assessment (October 2015). Original score by Michael Trappett and original song by Charlotte Gemmill, great acting by Rory Dempsey and Danny Matier, Julie Arnold and others. Well worth a look (10 minutes).

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4 Responses to “Rotten Monster” by James Nolan – A short film.

  1. Wow! So powerful and well done. Very impressed Nolsie.

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    • Nolsie says:

      Thankyou Martha, we are very proud of James, we love all his work and he has a bright future. He also had Glandular fever during all his production shoots and it’s amazing that he got through it! Thanks for taking a look! Getting warm here now, 100 degrees today!

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  2. Stunning James! Congratulations!

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