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The Port

A few weeks ago my father turned a very sharp, fit and healthy 84. His grand-kids insist that he is, in fact, Colonel Sanders, and every time I see him now I feel like racing out and buying a bucket … Continue reading

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Take a good long hard look at yourself.

“You need to take a good, long, hard look at yourself”, I advised my father, “and decide if you really should hang on to all this junk”. We stood and surveyed the contents of Mum and Dad’s garage floor at … Continue reading

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Catching up to the future.

Sometimes the future arrives early and catches you by surprise. When our first-born child arrived, late in August 1994, we were totally unprepared – and then we had to roll the dice. Let me preface this story by apologizing for its … Continue reading

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The comfort sponge

The freshly whipped cream, with a hint of vanilla, oozed just slightly out of one side of the cake before my mother, Jill, swiftly troweled it flush, and then applied the broad knife to the sponge’s multi layered sides to … Continue reading

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The tubist.

There are many ways to hide in the midst of a choir during an end of year school concert. Stand at the back, move your mouth in sync with others around you, but be careful not to make any audible … Continue reading

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The steam room.

My grandmother, “Ma”, deftly lit the burner under the vegetable steamer sitting on the ancient stove in her ancient kitchen. She had done it million times before. The gas flame flickered and puffed itself into life. The steamer was filled with … Continue reading

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The honey chain.

When our daughter Emily was 3 years old (many years ago now), she looked up at me brightly and asked me where honey came from. She was sitting on my knee outside in the back garden and it was the … Continue reading

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My dad accidentally cut his arm off!

My dear old dad is 80 and clearly not very good with power tools. Earlier this week he cut his whole arm off with a chainsaw. I might have just made that up. In truth, it was a circular saw. … Continue reading

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